Public Service Announcement Regarding COVID-19: Fourth Street Law, is OPEN and operating at full capacity during this health crisis. We are offering video consultations via Zoom and discounted unbundled legal services to serve families who are experiencing family law emergencies during this time. The Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure allow attorneys to provide unbundled legal services, also known as limited representation services, to clients. Unbundled legal services provide clients with the ability to consult with an attorney on an as-needed basis.

Unbundled Legal Services During COVID-19:

  • 30 Minute non-retained Attorney strategy session with detailed legal advice $75
  • Prepare and file Temporary Restraining Order (excludes filing fees and service) $150
  • Attorney Appearance at Restraining Order Hearing $200
  • Prepare and file Motion to Restrict Parenting Time (excludes filing fees and service) $200
  • Attorney Appearance at Restriction Hearing $300
  • Prepare and file Motion for Contempt (excludes filing fees and service) $150


A Better Law Firm for Family and Criminal Matters

Fourth Street Law, LLC is a family law firm dedicated to helping clients confront family law or criminal defense matters as quickly and painlessly as possible. As devoted advocates, we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients so they can return to their normal routines and smoothly transition to the next chapter of their lives.

Our supportive Castle Rock based attorneys give their full attention to each and every client who walks through our doors. When you retain our firm, you will have the undivided attention of your lawyer from start to finish. And, since we answer our own phones, you will also have direct access to your lawyer at all times without having to go through a receptionist.

Caroline C. Cooley, Esq.

    Greg Black
    Police Officer
    I have used 4th Street Law for two separate family law matters. One was for a child custody matter and the other was for an adoption. In both cases the service and attention I received was top notch. Caroline is extremely knowledgeable and she has passion in her work. She obviously cares about her clients and I HIGHLY recommend this office to anyone.
    Jennifer Garbiso
    Working (Single) Mom
    I hired Fourth Street Law to assist in my divorce. I have 2 young children and needed the expertise of Carolyn and her team. I did not have the time to understand the law but wanted to make sure I would be able to navigate the process and lean on experts for advice. The team was available for my questions via email or phone each and every time. I had lots of questions and sometimes just needed an understanding ear. Divorce is hard but having a team behind me made me feel empowered and strong. Once my divorce was final I felt I could move on with caring for my kids and building a great life. Divorce does not have to be expensive and it was not with having counsel represent me.



Whether you are considering separation, divorce, or are dealing with any other family law related issue, our experienced attorneys can help you find effective solutions. From child custody and child support to alimony payments and property division, our family law attorneys have the skills and experience to obtain positive results. When these issues involve domestic violence, our team knows how to approach the situation with strong support and pursue an effective course of action.


Criminal accusations can permanently damage your reputation, finances, and your freedom. The trouble can start as soon as you have been arrested—even before you have gone to trial. At Fourth Street Law, LLC, our attorneys begin building criminal defense strategies for our clients as early as possible, to ensure their present circumstances and future opportunities are protected.

Don’t face criminal charges on your own! Our criminal lawyers provide aggressive and resolute legal representation our clients deserve.


Caroline Cooley
Managing Partner

With over years of litigation experience, Ms. Cooley has successfully litigated complex family law matters in every Denver metro county. As the founder and managing partner, every case is closely monitored by Ms. Cooley and she personally assures that every client has personal contact with her throughout the duration of their case. While Ms. Cooley advocates resolution outside of the court room whenever possible, Ms. Cooley will not hesitate to litigate if settlement negotiations fail. Ms. Cooley’s approach ensures that a client is not lost in the shuffle and produces tangible results. Ms. Cooley’s aggressive criminal litigation approach has resulted in dismissal of charges and acquittals for domestic violence charges falsely brought. Ms. Cooley’s unique approach to defending criminal matters on a case by case basis rather than a volume driven model is the key to her clients’ success.

Ms. Cooley is an avid animal lover and dedicated mother to five children. Ms. Cooley’s dogs regularly visit the office and are available for hugs and kisses for clients experiencing a tough day. Ms. Cooley grew up traveling all over the world following her father’s career as an Army Major General before settling down in Colorado. This gives her unique insight into military retirement issues and cultural differences. As a divorced mother and business owner, she understands the complex emotions and issues at stake with each and every client. Our clients often appreciate the real life examples that Ms. Cooley integrates into divorce issues that make an impact on an individual client basis. It is because of Ms. Cooley’s personal experience with children and divorce that she designed a special play room for children in our office that is set away from the conference room to maintain the children’s innocence during the divorce process for those clients who do not have another child care provider.


    Legal Experience

    With over years of litigation experience, Ms. Cooley has successfully litigated complex family law matters, some of which take years to ultimately resolve. Ms. Cooley’s aggressive criminal litigation approach has resulted in dismissal of charges and acquittals for domestic violence charges that are falsely brought, and Ms. Cooley’s unique approach to defending criminal matters, along with her litigation expertise, is the key to her clients’ success. As the leader of the Animal Law department, she handles complex equine litigation matters as well, including veterinary malpractice, insurance claims, and breach of contract matters. Ms. Cooley is undefeated in defending animal cruelty allegations, and has an impressive win record in defending other animal criminal infractions.


    Caroline C. Cooley, Esq. received her undergraduate degree in International Studies and Spanish from Austin College in Sherman, Texas in 1996, and received her law degree from the University of Denver College of Law in 1998.


    Ms. Cooley is admitted to practice law in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Federal District Court of the State of Colorado and the State of Colorado. She is also member of the Colorado Bar Association - Family Law Section, and the Douglas/Elbert County Bar Association.

    Community Involvement

    Caroline and her family are dedicated members of the Emmaus Anglican Church of Castle Rock.

    Publications and Lectures

    Ms. Cooley has guest lectured for the Colorado Association of Animal Control Officers (CAACO), the Colorado School of Trades, and authored legal articles for the magazine Horses of the Rockies.

Christopher Linas
Senior Associate

Christopher brings years of experience to the firm. Christopher graduated Order of St. Ives from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Prior to law school, Christopher earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado.

At DU Law, Christopher excelled in a wide variety of legal subjects, receiving Scholastic Excellence Awards for earning the highest grade in his class in four courses: Evidence, Constitutional Law: Individual Rights, Asylum Law, and Death Penalty Jurisprudence. Christopher also held the position of Articles Editor on the Denver University Law Review, wrote a published article on the First Amendment religion clauses, interned on a high-profile capital case, and served as a research assistant for scholars in the areas of criminal law, juvenile justice, and immigration. Christopher successfully practiced criminal law through DU’s clinical program, winning his first jury trial in Denver County Court while still a law student.

Christopher brings invaluable perspective and insight thanks to his years working inside the court system. Knowing that his decisions as an attorney have profound consequences for his clients drives Christopher to be at his best at every stage of your case. On his days off, Christopher enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, reading, and watching movies.


    Legal Experience

    Before joining Fourth Street Law, LLC, Christopher clerked for the Honorable Daniel J. Kaup at the District Court for the 8th Judicial District of Colorado. Christopher drafted judicial opinions on a range of complex issues in criminal law, civil litigation, county court appeals, election law, and domestic relations. Christopher volunteered as a substitute for his judicial district’s Family Court Facilitator for several months, during which he became highly skilled in domestic relations law and discovered his passion for assisting people navigate the family court process.


    Christopher graduated Order of St. Ives from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law in 2012. Prior to law school, Christopher earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado.


    Christopher is admitted to practice law in the State of Colorado as of 2012

    Community Involvement

    Coming Soon

Megan Urioste

Megan is a lifelong resident of Castle Rock, Colorado and graduated from Douglas County High School in 2002. Megan earned her degree in Paralegal Studies in 2006 and joined the Fourth Street Law, LLC team in December 2011. Megan became a certified mediator in 2018, and is a major asset to the operation of the office. Megan assists clients with completing C.R.C.P. 16.2 disclosures, Sworn Financial Statements, and gathering all financial documents required during the pendency of the case. For our criminal clients, Megan assists with obtaining discovery, interviewing witnesses, and prepping for trial.

Megan is the mother of two boys so she understands the emotional turmoil clients are going through when facing a divorce or criminal charges. It is her understanding and compassion that help clients transition into their new phase of life. It is Megan's positive outlook on life and nurturing personality that help our clients get through the "tough days".


Family Law FAQs

  • Why team up with Fourth Street Law, LLC?
    • Our family law representation is backed by over years of experience
    • We provide caring and passionate support for families
    • We deliver aggressive advocacy that gets fair results for our clients
    • You will never be perceived or treated as a case number with us

    When you work with an experienced, dedicated family law attorney from Fourth Street Law, LLC, you can count on having direct access to your lawyer at all times. We handle each client's unique case with the sensitivity and individual focus they deserve. With our legal advocates, you can swiftly navigate your case to a stronger future.

    When you need to uphold your rights and even protect your safety, you deserve the outstanding legal support we commit to provide every day. At Fourth Street Law, LLC., we are equipped to handle even the most complicated cases.

  • Can I schedule a free consultation with a family law attorney?

    Absolutely! At Fourth Street Law, LLC, we have the experience and determination needed to get results, and we always treat our clients with respect and compassion. Our dedicated divorce and family law attorneys are prepared to guide you through your legal issue as quickly as possible, and your first meeting with us is always FREE.

    Whatever family law matter you face, whether it involves modifying court orders, filing for restraining orders, or relocation, you can find the successful advocacy you need with our dedicated professionals. Our desire is to take the stress out of your case so you can focus on moving forward with your life. Don't hesitate to contact our team at your earliest convenience to discuss your case.

  • Divorce vs. Legal Separation - Which One is Right For Me?

    From a relationship perspective, there is little difference between a divorce and a legal separation. While the couple will still be married on paper, they will often be living apart and will begin to live life independently of each other, just as in a divorce.

    From a legal perspective, however, these are entirely different principles. While divorce is the dissolution of a legally binding agreement, legal separation is just a court order that dictates the duties and rights of each spouse.

    Separation Is Ideal for Unsure Couples

    While some divorces can get very contentious, many other couples are simply going through a rough time and may be hesitant to end their marriage. Legal separation gives you the ability to live apart from your spouse, and gives you the time to see if you can resolve your differences. During the legal separation, both spouses can enjoy the following benefits when compared to divorce:

    • Spouses can retain health care benefits
    • Military spouses married for 10+ years will retain benefits from the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act
    • Couples married for more than 10 years will retain certain social security benefits
    • Spouses can file a joint tax return

    For the vast majority of cases, getting a divorce will terminate these benefits. When children are involved, the divorce process can be much easier if an existing parenting plan is in place.

    If you’re even considering the possibility of a legal separation or divorce, call our experienced divorce attorneys at Fourth Street Law, LLC. In your free case evaluation, we can take a look at the unique details of your case and help you determine if divorce or legal separation is the best option for you.

  • What is Domestic Violence, and How is it Handled in Colorado?

    In Colorado, domestic violence crimes are prosecuted aggressively. These crimes are considered particularly heinous because they involve two parties who are currently, or have previously been in an intimate relationship, and because there is often a relatively high chance of future violence. If you’re facing domestic violence charges, call our experienced criminal defense lawyers for aggressive representation.

    What Offenses are Considered “Domestic Violence?”
    In Colorado, the term “domestic violence” refers to any violent act or threat of violence against someone with whom the assailant has had an intimate relationship. However, it also includes any other crime which was committed to coerce, punish, intimidate, control, or get vengeance against the individual.

    What is Considered an Intimate Relationship?
    In order to be considered domestic violence, the two parties must have a current or prior intimate relationship. This would include current and former spouses, current and former unmarried couples, and parents of the same child.

    What Are the Consequences for Domestic Violence Convictions?
    If you are convicted of a domestic violence crime, you will be subject to the same penalties as the underlying crime. These consequences can vary widely depending on the severity of the crime, and can include fines, jail time, community service, and more. Additionally, you may be ordered to complete domestic violence treatment programs, and may have a protective order issued against you.

    Are Police Officers Required to Arrest Domestic Violence Suspects?
    Although it depends somewhat on the circumstances, police officers are generally required to arrest a party if they have probably cause to believe they committed an act of domestic violence. They will consider any previous complaints of domestic violence, the severity of injuries which were inflicted, the chances of future injury occurring, and a number of other factors to determine if an arrest should be made. Generally, police will err on the side of caution to protect the victim.

    Is a Protective Order Always Issued?
    A protective order, commonly known as a restraining order, will not be issued in every case. In other case, however, multiple protective orders may be issued. The judge will look at the evidence in the case, and will generally issue a temporary protective order if they believe that an imminent danger exists to the victim or their family. These orders will often be requested by the victim, but may also be issued at the discretion of the court.

    If you have been accused of domestic violence, Fourth Street Law can help defend your rights and freedom. Call our firm today at (303) 847-0120.

Criminal Law FAQs

  • I've been arrested. What should I do?

    If you've been arrested, you have questions. You want to know what comes next, how you should go about protecting yourself, and what your best option might be. Fourth Street Law, LLC is proud to be a voice for individuals facing criminal charges in the state of Colorado.

    We are proud of our reputation as a team that stands up for the innocent and the wrongfully accused. Our goal is to protect our clients, and we do this with tenacity and dedication.

    Here's what you should do after being arrested:

    • Pay attention to police procedures. You may be held until your court hearing - typically 48 hours or less. Keep track of what the police do as any missteps in proper protocol and procedure could have a substantial bearing on your case. Speak with your lawyer about what happens.
    • Do not volunteer information or answer questions. You have the right to remain silent, and you should. Wait until your attorney is present before answering any questions or making any statements. Even in cases where the defendant is innocent with nothing to hide, testimonies made at the time can be misconstrued and used against the arrestee. Don't volunteer to tell your side of the story. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney, and wait for him or her to counsel you regarding any statements.
    • Choose a good defense lawyer. Don't just look for an attorney with a low rate. Choose a lawyer based on his or her credentials, reputation, and experience. Ask for references and referrals from friends and family. Meet with your lawyer to determine if he or she is a good fit.
    • Take your charges seriously. Many people make the mistake of writing off an arrest, particularly in misdemeanor cases, as "no big deal." Any type of criminal conviction on your record could have a substantial impact on your future. You owe it to yourself to take this situation seriously and to protect your rights proactively.

    Ready to get started? Schedule your free consultation at Fourth Street Law, LLC today!

  • Should I represent myself against the allegations I face?

    While the law permits you to represent yourself, this is absolutely not recommended. You will be facing an experienced prosecutor - one who is not emotionally involved in the case. You will be up against serious penalties and repercussions. With so much to lose, hiring a qualified and capable attorney is the best thing you can do to protect your future.

  • What does a plea agreement entail?

    In some situations, a prosecutor will give a defendant the opportunity to plead guilty to lesser charges or a smaller sentence if he or she will agree to plead guilty instead of not guilty. This would mean avoiding a trial, but this move may or may not be in your best interests. Your lawyer can help you make the right decision.

  • What does a deferred sentence mean?

    In a deferred sentence, the defendant pleads guilty but submits to specific requirements such as participation in a state-approved program. Once these conditions have been met, the criminal charges will be dismissed entirely.

  • What if I plead not guilty?

    Should you decide to forego a plea agreement or deferred sentence, your case will go to trial. Your attorney will begin to investigate your case and prepare a defense. It is important to choose an experienced lawyer who can advocate for you effectively in court.