Criminal Assault Defense Attorneys

Have you been hit with assault charges? If so, it is important to have a strong criminal defense attorney on your side who can effectively represent you in court. Assault crimes hold serious penalties, as the legal system treats these crimes harshly.

At Fourth Street Law, LLC our hard-working and knowledgable team can properly guide you through this difficult time. We are here to provide valuable advice in the midst of assault charges. With over years of legal experience, we know how to deliver sound representation backed by aggressive defense.


Penalties for Assault Crimes

In Colorado, assault crimes are categorized into three degrees, including a menacing crime, which is another term for battery.

The degrees of assaults include the following:

If you have been charged with assault, you don't have to face the daunting legal system alone. By having an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side, you can effectively build your case with peace of mind and confidence.

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Assault is a serious charge with even more serious consequences. At Fourth Street Law, LLC we understand the tremendous pressure you are facing and are ready to help you. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys can aggressively represent you and offer proven legal insight and advice personalized to your case.

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