Criminal Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

If you have been accused of committing domestic violence, there is no time to waste in acquiring aggressive and insightful legal counsel. Charges of domestic violence in Colorado speed up the court process, so you need to retain representation as quickly as possible in order to protect your rights.

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Domestic Violence

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Mandatory Arrest for Any Domestic Violence Charge

There is no denying that domestic violence is a serious issue affecting thousands of victims across the country. Unfortunately, many individuals take advantage of the justice system's campaign to halt abusive relationships by fabricating allegations. Whether is it done out of spite or in an effort to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings, erroneous accusations can have far-reaching ramifications for the wrongly accused.

It is important to note that domestic violence charges do not need to be justified by an actual act of violence.

Manditory Arrest

If law enforcement believes there is probable cause for a domestic violence charge, the subject of such allegations faces immediate, mandated arrest. For this reason, it will be imperative that you work with a skilled domestic and family violence defense attorney as soon as possible. Without legal representation, your future could be in jeopardy.

Because very few people understand what qualifies as an act of domestic violence, many people accidentally commit a crime without intention. Any altercation between two people who have had an intimate relationship can result in a domestic violence charge. Such exchanges can include intimidation, destruction of property, or even trespassing.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers can provide the assertive representation you require to challenge unwarranted domestic violence charges and safeguard your freedom. If you have been arrested due to false or mistaken accusations of domestic violence, contact our firm immediately.

Ramifications of Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges can have long-lasting consequences. The damages they can have on your reputation, your job, and relationship with your family can be irreparable if not dealt with effectively. Additionally, even if the individual who initially made the allegations recants, they are not allowed by law to drop the charges. Only the District Attorney can decide if the case should no longer be prosecuted.

Fourth Street Law, LLC can provide vigorous advocacy to shield you from the possible ramifications of a domestic violence charge, including but not limited to:

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