Criminal Fraud Defense Attorneys

Fraud is an umbrella term that describes a number of different crimes. While there are many different categories of crimes that are considered fraud, they all share a common element: the presentation of information that is known to be false in order to obtain money, valuable goods, or stations. While these are nonviolent crimes, they carry serious sentences under Colorado statutes and call for the counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

At Fourth Street Law, LLC we've been handling and defending against these kinds of charges for over years. We pride ourselves on not just results, but advocacy—getting our clients' voices heard in can what often be an overwhelming prosecuting process. We're ready to bring that kind of service to your fraud case.


What kind of crimes involve fraud?

Because of its broad definition, criminal fraud is considered present in a number of different crimes where untrue information is used for illegal gain.

Some of the crimes considered fraud include:

Penalties for these crimes can vary, as some are considered misdemeanors, others felonies. These distinctions are almost always based on the amount of money or the value of the goods illegally obtained. For more specific information on what penalties you stand to face for your fraud charge, contact a criminal defense attorney from Fourth Street law, LLC.

We're Prepared to Defend You

Fraud cases can often contain a complex set of circumstances, and with the Internet a growing major factor in many of these cases, there can be many details to sort out in order to present a competent, effective defense. At Fourth Street Law, LLC, we're well versed in preparing these kinds of strategies and have already guided countless clients to favorable outcomes of their fraud cases.

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