Juvenile Defense Attorneys

Young people make mistakes and bad decisions - it's a normal part of growing up. What shouldn't be a normal part of the childhood experience is a serious criminal conviction leading to incarceration and other penalties, plus a criminal record that could damage his or her ability to pursue an education or gainful employment.

Fourth Street Law, LLC is committed to fighting for young people who find themselves in trouble with the law. We work hard to understand your side of the story - and to make sure that the court understands it as well.

Juvenile Law

What can I do to help my child after a criminal accusation?

Your first step should be to retain a criminal defense lawyer. Whether your child was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, shoplifting, assault, or some other offense, our team at Fourth Street Law, LLC is prepared to help. Our defense methods are aggressive and proven. We work hard and we are ready to do whatever it takes to defend our young clients' futures.

Penalties for juvenile crimes in the state of Colorado can be heavy, and may include:

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In some cases, parents may also face penalties for the actions of their children, including community service hours with your child, mandatory participation in a parental responsibility program, loss of custody, and payment of your child's expenses while in detention to the state.

At Fourth Street Law, LLC our clients' needs come first and we are prepared to work hard in order to make sure that these needs are heard and that their rights are upheld. You can feel confident with our team on your side.

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